Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am entering this layout in the What's Your Summer Blog Hop that is being hosted by Ashley's Scrappin Palace.

What I used:
A Child's Year: Umbrella cut at 5", girl cut at 3", stars cut at 1", backgrounds for pictures cut at 5"
I inked the edges of the picture backgrounds with green ink from the dollar store and used pop dots on the stars. The background paper is from Costco's and is perfect for the summer theme.

If you want to enter the challange and play along in the hop then just go to the link above. The hop dates are May 28 and 29th.


  1. Fun beach LO!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and being so open and honest. I really feel like when we need to reach out to others so that they can pray that we should, so I am glad you did. I will most certainly be praying for you and your situation.

    One of the things that came to mind with what you wrote is that the Lord loves Sierra more than you could possibly know and she is one of His! So you need not worry about the things in her life that cause you to worry. The Lord will protect her and she will be covered in prayer.

    I am very sorry that you had to endure such hardship though as well. I can attest on a different level that abuse is no joke. It is often hard and I found myself early on in my walk asking the Lord why a lot. I kept coming back to his love. While this seems like a padded answer and at the time I felt like it, I realized that nothing and I mean nothing that happened to me in my life prior to the Lord matter. The only thing that matter was that he called me one of his own and his love meant more to me than anything. I clung to that as I struggled to grow and get through my past. But you know what? Even as I clung to him and at times didn't want too it became more apparent that I went through what I went through to help others out. To be able to really understand others who went or are going through abuse. Although I would have liked to of erased that entire part of my life, I truly believe it has made me the person I am today. I am stronger for it because of the unwavering love of our Lord!

    So today friend, I pray that you find unwavering strength in laying your worries, troubles, fears, doubts at his feet and climbing into his lap looking only into His face so that he may bring you utmost peace and solace.

    You are loved!