Saturday, April 23, 2011

E2 Giveaway at Everyday Cricut

Head on over to Everyday Cricut for your chance to win the New Cricut Anniversary Expression 2. There are lots of chances to win!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I was just awarded my first Stylish Blogger Award from Joann . I just want to thank her and let you know to go and stop by her blog!!!I will be back later to pass on the award to 15 other people and list 7 things about myself. have a great night!!

P.J Layout

Good Morning!! It's a very early morning for me as once a week I get up early for one of the little girl's I babysit. Everyone else in the house is still sleeping so the little girl just sits quietly and watches t.v until my daughter wakes up. Yes I said quietly, she is 1 1/2 and a quiet little thing. Anyway it gives me time to go through blogs and make a post. I call it my quiet part of the day before more kids come and everything becomes busy and noisy. This morning I though I would share a layout that I did for my daughters scrapbook. A couple months ago my daughter was running around in her p.j's, she came and sat with me and that is when I really noticed what was on her jammies. I thought it would be a challenge for me to try and replicate the image and then have a picture of my daughter wearing the jammies. So here is my layout!!!

Here is what I used:

Create A Critter Cart.-monkey 4",rainbow 3",butterfly 1.5" & 1.3", flower 4" & 3",clouds2.6" & 2.4"
Paper Dolls for Everyday Cart.-skateboard 3.7",sun 5"
Plantin Schoolbook-Pamaja Day 1"
I used my cuttlebug to emboss the clouds as well as the background my daughter's picture is on. I then inked the backround with blue ink from the dollar store.
I used a friskars border punsh for the background that the words are on
The skateboard I didn't have patterned paper so I drew the pattern by hand
I tried to get a close up picture of my daughters p.j's put the camera kept having a glare.
For my paper I just use alot of scraps so I don't really know where I bought them from

I hope this shows you to keep your eyes open and you can get inspiration from anything!!!

Have a Great Day!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Invitations

Good morning!! I spent my weekend designing and making invitations for my daughters 3rd birthday party. She is justing having the kids that my mom and I babysit over for lunch and cupcakes. I am going to make a caterpillar out of cupcakes (pictures will be posted).

 For the invitations I used paper from Michaels Recollection Sweet Treats. I bought this paper when it was onsale for 4/ $1 just because I love cupcakes and when designing my daughters invitations I knew this was perfect paper to use. I used my gypsy to plan out all of the cutouts.

Cupcake is from Once Upon A Princess and cut out at 3.5"
Balloon is from Create A Critter and cut out at 3"
I then cut out the black out feature people from Paper Doll Dress up at 4.5" I used the arms/hands for the cupcake. I used pop up dots to keep the hands in place
I used Cotton Candy stickles on the cupcake for the "sprinkles"
Googly eyes from the dollar store on the cupcake
Peachy Keen stamps Everyday Character Face Assortment for the ballons face, with a purple ink pad from the dollar store
The word Celebrate is from a stamp set that I just picked up last Thursday from HomeSense. The company is JustRite and the set is called Just a Note. The stamps come with interchangeable borders but I didn't use them for this project. If you would like to learn more about these stamps you can visit
I used a frisker border punch for the ouside edge of the card (my daughter picked which punch she wanted me to use)
I used ribbon that I have had for ever (no idea where it came from)
For the inside I used a stamp that mom has had for a very long time and stamped it on a piece of pink card stock and glued it on the inside.

The invites took up most of my time on the weekend (my free time when my daughter was napping). My next big projects are scrapbook pages since I am behind on my daughters scrapbook ( 2 down 10 more to go). I will post them when I get a chance to upload the pictures to my dad's computer ( I can't upload them to mine for some reason). Until then have a Great Day!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Just wanted to let you know that Ashley over at Welsh Creations is giving away a cuttle bug when she reaches 150 followers ( she is almost there 142) so head on over there and show her some love!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Versatile Blog Award

Last week I won the Versatile Blog Award from and I wasn't able to pass it along to anyone due to my being sick so I will know tell you 7 things about myself

1. I watch Days of Our Lives Everyday!!!
2. I went to Turks and Caicos for a mission trip (2004)
3. My best friend is in the Philippines with her husband for a year long mission trip
4. My middle name is Nicole
5. I can't swim very well
6. My daughter is named after a character on Days of Our Lives (for those of you who watch the show it is Bo and Hopes daughter Sierra)
7. I had a midwife deliver my daughter (in the hospital, no drugs and she was 9lbs.)

Ok Now for the people that I am passing the award onto


Now the rules are if you get an award you are to tell 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 15 other people.

Scrappy Mom Stamps Tuesday Challenge-New Arrivals

Over at Scrappy Mom Stamps she is having a Terrific Tuesday Challenge- New Arrivals. You use the Cartridge New Arrivals (if you don't have that cart then you can use any similar cuts) I used the New Arrivals Cart as I own it to make this pocket card for a lady that I babysit for who just had her 3rd baby girl (March 16th). I haven't been able to give it to her yet because I have been sick but hope to meet the new arrival next week!!!! I used Just Because Cards Cart. to cut the pocket, I used Bags, Tags, Boxes and more to cut the card insert and I used New Arrivals to cut the baby outfit and hanger. I used my cuttle bug to emboss the insert (heather embossing folder).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Versatile Blog Award

Good Morning, this is going to be short as I am a little under the weather and trying to distract myself from getting sick again, I have won another Versitile Blog award from Water Dots and just wanted to thank her for choosing me and let you know to go and visit her blog!! I will post the 7 things about me and the 15 people that I have chosen for this award once I am feeling better. Have a great Day!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I won 3 Blog Candies

This is alittle late because I won my second blog candy a week ago over at I won Season Chipboard Bundle!!!
The third Item that I won is Zooballoo Cartridge with the matching Peachy Keen Stamp ABC Face Set 
over at
The Fourth item I won was a year subscription to Creating Keepsakes magazine over at
 I just wanted to thank them for the great blog Candy and let you guys know to go and visit their blogs!!


Link Your Blog Here!! Visit for details!  She has very uplifting posts as well as great projects and awesome giveaways!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday Card for My Brother

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday (he is turning 22). He is my younger brother but way taller then me(6 foot 6 and wears a size 17 shoe) he is way taller then anyone in my family.  Anyways I made him this birthday card using the Wrap it Up Cartridge. As soon as I saw this cut out in the book I knew I had to use it for one of my brothers.
My brother loves playing video games so I knew this would be the perfect card for him. I cut it out at 4" and used my cuttlebug (sry can't remember what the folder is called as they are not marked)

I used my white gel pen to add some details to the card. I haven't made an envelope for the card yet but I still have a day and a half before I see him to give him the card. Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

K Andrew's Simply Sunday Challenge @ Getting Cricky

Good Morning!! I saw this challenge over at Kristal's blog and knew what I wanted to do. The challenge was to create an Inspired Heart project which for me is my daughter. I am a single mom which has not been easy at times and my daughter makes me want to be a better person. She starting walking at 9 months, knows her alphabet, colours and can count to 20 and count to 5 in spanish (thanks to Dora), but the thing that inspires me the most is that when out in a store she sings at the top of her lungs (she is alittle off key) she doesn't care who sees her or who hears her she just loves to sing. I am most amazed when she sings church songs because you never know who is listening and how they could be touched by this 2 year old singing about God. It makes me think that if my two year old can sing her little heart out about God and not even be aware of the impact she could have, then I as a grown up should not be worried about what people think about me or my faith.

So here is my project inspired by my daughter:

So here is what I used:
Everything is from Once Upon A Princess Cartridge that I just got on Saturday
Princess and outfit cut at 4" I used my cuttle bug to emboss the outfit
Cupcake cut at 1 1/2 " I used gems from the dollar store to add some sparkle
Bag cut at 6 1/2" paper from Michaels, I used Cotton Candy Stickles on the bows to add sparkle
Crown is cut at 1 1/2 " and again gems from dollar store and a white gel pen to add details

My daughter loves the colour pink so of course pretty much eveything is pink for this project, my daughters nickname is babycakes so the princess is holding a cupcake and the crown has her initial S for Sierra ( which she just started to learn to spell). Hope you enjoyed my project and if you want to go over to Kristals blog she is giving away a prize for entering her Sunday Challenge, the link is up at the very top of this post!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Party Hat

I think it has been a week since I have posted a project, so I have to back track to the 25th of March ( my Birthday). It was 2 minutes before my family was coming over for supper (Tuna Casserole, yum my favourite) and my daughter informed me that we did not have party hats ( got to love 2 year olds) so I got out my Gypsy and designed a quick hat using Life's A Party Cartridge (cut at 8.2 inches) and a butterfly (sry can't remember what this was cut at) from the Birthday Cake Cartridge. I used my white gel pen to add details to the butterfly and gems to the end of the antennas. I made the hat just for her to wear but when it was all put together my daughter decided she didn't want it anymore, typical woman always changing her mind lol!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Versatile Blog Winner Part 2/Cuttlebug

I am back to post the last two people that I am giving the Versatile Blog Award to they are

Also wanted to let eveyone know I finally got the Cuttlebug!!! Looking at everyone else's blogs made really want one. I found the cheapest price and just recieved it today, however it did not come with everything it said it would so I had to call the company and they are sending me replacement embossing folders as they are out of the ones it was suppose to come with. Other then that I can't wait to start using it, if you have any suggestions about which folders I should get or different ways of using the Cuttlebug I would really love to hear from you!!!
I won my first blog award Versitile Blog Award from Sandra I just want to thank her for thinking about me!!

Ok 7 things about me

1. I am a Christian
2. I have a daughter who will be three on May 8
3. I have run a home daycare with my mom for 1 1/2 years
4. I am the oldest of 4 kids (26, 25,22,17)
5. I was on the praise and worship team at my church and led the children's choir
6. I was on the honour role all through High School
7. Last but not least growing up my nickname was........ Kricket!!! ( I spelt it with a K because my name starts with a K)

Now to pass the award on to 15 other bloggers

I will come back and give the last two awards as soon as i can, i have run out of time and need to start work, new to this blogging stuff and have no idea how to find my saved posts!!!