Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cards For the Bradley House

Good Morning!! There is still time to make cards for the Bradley House ( for women who have gotten out of Domestic Violence). For more info follow this link Faithfule Creations. I know that I have shared in a previous post a little about my story and why this is so important to me.  I decided to make 3 cards (it's been 2 1/2 years since I left. I couldn't make 2 1/2 cards so I made 3). Each card that I made is different (the only thing that I used the same was the embossing folder). I wanted to make each card unique because every women who has experience Domestic Violance has experienced it in a diffenrent way. No two stories are the same. The outside of my cards match what is on the inside. Just as our actions match what is going on in the inside of us. Proverbs 27:19 says  "As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person". How we treat others is a reflection of our hearts. If our hearts our pure then our actions should also be. However if our hearts are hardend then we will treat people horribly. My prayer goes out to the Women who have experienced Domestic Violence, but it also goes out to those who have inflicted violence. They need our prayers as well, they need a change of heart (only God can do this). So please when praying, pray for the men who have inflicted violence upon these women so that the cycle will be broken and no other women will have to suffer at the hand of these men!! Also pray that the women's hearts do not become hardend and that they become better, stronger women through this process of healing. Forgiveness is a process and I am still in that process. I have realized that I don't need to forgive him to free him, but I need to forgive to free myself.

Wow I really don't know why I am sharing this, I have really struggled to pray for my ex but know that it's the only way to stop the violence. I don't want his actions to affect anyone else the way it has affected me.  Anyways on to the cards:

Here is what I used:
Gypsy Wanderings:"Hope" cut at 1.6 ", background cut at 4"
Once Upon A Princess:butterflies cut at 1", I used frosted lace stickles on them
I also used my cuttlebug, purple gems and purple ink from the dollar store.

Here is what I used:
Chipboard: New Life, I saw this and knew it was pefect to use. I won the chipboard set on a blog a couple months ago.
Paper punch: flowers
Cuttle bug: Embedded Embossing Technique ( I glued the flowers on the background paper and then ran it throught the cuttle bug, it makes it look like the flowers are originally part of the paper.)
Ribbon I got from a birthday party goodie bag, I also inked the edges of the card with purple ink. No Cricut used:(

Here is what I used:
New Arrivals Cartridge: Foot prints cut at 1.5"
Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge: works cut at.8"
Cuttlebug: Embedded Embossing Technique

The footprints poem has always been my favourite poem and I knew it would be perfect to send in a card for someone.  Thanks for taking the time to read my long post (sorry) and please follow the link at the top and make someones day!!

Have a blessed day!!


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