Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love 4 Stamps Homemade Clip It Up

Good morning everyone!! I was so excited last week when I was looking through the list of blogs that I follow and found a video made by Raven over at Love 4 Stamps. you are probably wondering what the picture above is, well I will tell you. It is actaully a 3 tier rotating shoe stand. Raven showed a video on how she turned it into a Clip it Up. Now she bought hers at Walmart for $20 but I couldn't find one at my local Walmart so I googled it and found out that Bed Bath and Beyond carries them. The only problem with that is there are no Bed Bath and Beyonds where I live. Lucky for me we were planning on going out of town yesterday and when I googled the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond it was on the same road as the other stores we were going to. When we got out of town I wanted to check other stores to see thier prices. I found another store (storage solutions) but they were $50. The lady at the store gave me a 20% off coupon but I tucked that into my back pocket and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond. My mom noticed on the door a sign that said they took other store coupons. I rushed into the store and found the shoe rack for 19.99 less the 20% coupon (cha ching) so I walked out of the store with the stand for less then $19. I put it together late last night so I haven't put the clips up or the baskets (with my savings I will get baskets at the dollar store). Wow I kind of sound like those Extreme Coupon people ( love the show and my mom has a stock pile, not anything like those on the show). Being a single mom I need to save as much as I can so every coupon helps. Here in Canada we don't have coupons like in the States, if we did I would need another house cuz I would probably be like the people on the show. Anyways head on over to Ravens blog (link above) to see the finish project. Thanks Raven for sharing your very cool and cheap storage solution!! 
Have a Great Sunday!!


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  1. This is fantastic! I have the video on and am watching it at the same time. I love this idea. I can't want to see yours all full.
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my PK guest card today.