Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Won A Yudu Cardshop!!!!

Good Morning!! On Monday The Shopping Channel aired, the Yudu Cardshop, The Cricut Imagine and The Martha Stewart Cake. The Offical Cricut Facebook had a contest to win a Yudu Cardshop, a Cricut Imagine Cartridge and A Martha Stewart Cricut Cake signed by Martha Stewart. All you had to do was answer 3 questions about the airing and you were entered to win. Well they only had 33 responses so I knew my chances were good but never expected to see my name on the winners list. I didn't get to check until later yesterday but I did I won the Yudu Cardshop which is the one I was going to order. I already own the Cricut Cake and I don't own an Imagine (although after watching the airing and it being $299 with 3 carts. and 2 ink I really am wanting it, but I am holding off for the E2). Anyways I don't know much about the Yudu other then watching 15 minutes of the infomercial so if anyone could give me tips or know of any blogs that show case it or You Tube Videos it would be really helpful!! Can't wait to use it, but it won't be cards I use it for, it will be diaper shirts!!

Have a Great Morning!!


  1. Congratulations on winning! I don't know anything about the Yudu so I am no help. I do want to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog.


  2. That's awesome! Congratulations! Please come visit my blog. I have some awards for you! :)