Monday, October 10, 2011


Goodmorning and Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!!! I just thought I would show you my craft room today. It's not how I would have things if I were living on my own. But I make do.

The desk is a computer desk that was my grandma's, I got it when she passed away. The place where I keep all my paper (the left hand side) was from Value Village I paid I believe $10 for it, the clip it up on the right hand side (AKA rotating shoe rack) holds all my stamps, embellishments, ink and stickles, I paid less than $19 for it at Bed Bath and Beyond ( here is the link to the post of what it looked like before Click Here ) The shelves on the wall my mom had from the old house but wasn't using them so I store the boxes that i have made on one and all my ribbon on the other.

This is a spot under the desk where I keep all my cartridges, it rolls our for easy access.

This is where I keep all my cuttlebug folders and my Fiskar embossing plates bins from the Dollar Store

My Scraps Before

My Scraps After

Before I got the new desk in my craft room I had all my scraps in a box looking like a hot mess (first picture). My parents were at Ikea and asked if I wanted anything so I went online to see what they had. I found magazine racks that were 5 for $2.99, they are cardboard but do the trick. I already had file folders from the dollar store, so I colour coded each one and placed them in alphabetical order in the magazine racks and now my hot mess is organized.

Hope this gives you some ideas on cheap ways to orgazine your craft room, I know I have looked on You Tube for ideas so that is where I got some of the inspiration from. Hopefully when I get my own place I will beable to have a craft room of my dreams and one that reflects my personality!! If you have any cheap ways you store your craft items I would love to hear them!!!

God Bless



  1. Great craft room! I especially like the bins on the wall - and what a steal on your paper rack! Another great idea from IKEA is their little metal towel bars. They're great for punches. I learned that from other bloggers - & it's true!

  2. Hey Kristan

    Love your ideas in your craft room. Everything looks right within your reach ready to go.

    Glad to join your blog.

    Have a great night.


  3. Super fun space! I found you while over at Jovans! I love the baskets you have hanging on the wall!

  4. Great space! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great crafting space!!! And look at all those Cricut cartridges and Cuttlebug folders!!! WOW!! I can't wait for my collection to get that big!!!

    Amy E.