Monday, October 31, 2011

Heritage Cartridge It Is!!

Good Morning!! Well my first poll has closed and the results are in. 0 person wanted to see me use Elegant Cake Cartridge, 1 person wanted to see me use Sweethearts Cartridge, 2 people wanted Simple Charmed and 3 people wanted Heritage Cartridge. So Heritage Cartridge it is!! I am not quite sure what I am going to make, this cartridge isn't really my style, I had won the cartridge and haven't use it yet, so this is going to be a challenge. I am not quite sure when I will be posting my project let alone making it. I only really have weekends to craft or when the kids are sleeping, so as soon as it is done I will post it. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

God Bless


Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Hop October 29th and 30th Starting With Amy At Love To Crop

Good morning!! I know I am a little late in post this as the hop started yesterday but today is day two of the Great Pumpkin hop Hosted by Amy at Love To Crop. She has given everyone until November 7th to comment on everyones blog for the prizes (which you won't want to miss) but there are giveaways along the way that end tonight so get hopping!! There are ton of talented ladies in the hop that have amazing ideas just in time for Halloween!! This will be my only post today as I am going to be super busy getting things ready for my daughters mini Halloween party tomorrow!! Pictures to come next week!!

Have A Great Day

God Bless


P.S there is still alittle time to do my poll!!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Just A Quick Reminder About My Poll

Good Morning!! I just wanted to remind you that I have a poll on the right side of my blog that I would love you to answer!! It ends in two days!!

Have A Great Day

God Bless


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flower Pot Holder using K Andrew Design Stamps

Good Morning!! I made a popcorn holder using Tags Bags Boxes and more out of plain white paper just to see how big I could actually make it. I wasn't going to do anything with it, but it was just sitting there calling my name one day while I was sitting in my craft room. I decided it needed some Tim Holtz Distress ink so I ink it up, very difficult when the box is already taped up. I then stamped the word "Fun" using K Andrew Designs Stamps. I knew it needed more so i cut strips of paper and taped them down on each side of the box, i cut the access paper off with my trimmer. I then punched out flowers using paper punches in two different sizes.  Here is the finished product:

It is no longer a popcorn box it is a flower pot!! All the sides are the same.

Have A Great Day

God Bless


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Page From Paper Bag Mini Album

Good Morning!!  So I have been fascinated with paper bag albums but could never figure out how to make them. I went onto you Tube and found a couple that I liked.  After watching the video once I made my own. I don't have a computer in my craft room so I had to memorize how she made it. The link for the video that I watched is HERE!! My book isn't done but I wanted to show you a couple of inserts that I made. Again I used K Andrew Designs Stamps purchase HERE

What I used:

Paper Bags from dollar store
AGT Runner
K Andrew Designs Stamps: Coffee And Tea For You And Me (Good Day!)(Love Ya)
Tim Holtz Distress Ink:Frayed Burlap

I am making 6 pages in total and it will probably take me a bit to fully put it together. I have all the pages covered I just need to do the inserts and print out the rest of the pictures. I will post the finished album when I am done it. I may even attempt a video I will have to talk to my brother to help me with that.

Have  A Great Day

God Bless


Monday, October 24, 2011

Paper Rosette's Featuring K Andrew Designs Stamps

Good Afternoon!! As promised I have a project using Kristal Andrews Stamps purchase HERE. I have attempted to make a rosette before but tried holding it together with glue dots, did not hold. I hadn't attempted again until I saw Susan's YouTube video that she posted on her blog CRICUT AND GRASSHOPPER. You can head over there to see how she made hers. You will have to click on the link on her blog to see the video.  Here is my take on it

What I Used:

K Andrew Stamps: Coffee and Tea For You And Me (Good Day!)
                              Food For Thought:(Hello)
Martha Stewart Score Board
12 by 1 1/4" piece of paper, scraps
1" Hole Punch
Glue Gun
Black Ink (Dollar Store)
Tim Holtz Distress Ink:Frayed Burlap

Not too sure what I am going to use them on but was so excited to finally make them and have them work!!

Have A  Great Day

God Bless


New Poll

Good morning!! I do have a few projects that I need to post all using Kristal Andrew's stamps you can buy the stamps  HERE. I haven't had time to take pictures yet of them as this weekend was super busy for me. Saturday I took my daughter to the movies for Community Day, it was free to get in and popcorn, pop and candy was $2 each and all the money went to Starlight Children's Foundation here is a little about them

Cineplex are delighted to support the Starlight Children's Foundation as they help seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation by providing entertainment, education and support when they need it most. In the last two years, Cineplex has raised over $1 million dollars for Starlight.

It was a good morning and when I came home I had alot of sorting and labeling to do for a Mom2Mom Sale I was in on Sunday. A Mom2Mom sale is where mom's have an indoor yard sale selling there baby/kids stuff. It was my first  time selling stuff at one but I had been to alot of them. It was a good turn out and I made a good chunk of cash, the next one isn't til May so I have stashed my left over stuff away til then. The funny thing is when my dad came with my daughter near the end of the sale he looked at me funny when I told him how much money I made, he said it looked like I hadn't sold anything. Well it isn't actually funny, it's quite sad at how much clothes I had to sell and to be quite honest it was only a 3rd of the clothes I have keep for the next child. My table was 8 feet long and I had bins of clothes under the table as well as clothes on top, looking at the table you would either think I was selling all my daughters clothes or I had 3 kids, LOL.

Ok enough rambling I have added a new feature to my blog that you will see at the top right side of my blog, it is a poll. I want to hear from you what cartridge you want me to use. Please let me know and next week I will use that cartridge in one of my cards, layouts or projects. The 4 cartridges that are up there are ones that I sadly have either never used or have only used once. The reason for this is because I haven't used my cricut in awhile (gasp) and I want to have the motivation to use it.

Thanks for your participation!!

Have A Great Day

God Bless

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

K Andrew Sneak Peek of New Stamps Plus Giveaway!!

Good morning!! Today I was so excited to see that Kristal over at Getting Cricky With K Andrew has posted 6 of her new stamp sets on her blog she has held back two or three of the sets for Friday's blog hop!! They will be available for pre order on Friday the 21st and there is also a blog hop on Friday. Go to the link above to learn more!! Can't wait to see the other stamps and maybe purchase a few, who am I kinding there is NO maybe!!!

Getting Cricky With K Andrew

Friday, October 14, 2011

Foil Card Using K Andrew Stamps

Good morning!! Today is a cold,wet windy day here complete opposite of what it was like last Friday. I miss summer already! Today I have a card to share with you that I made using K Andrew Stamps- Food for Thought (click on the link to buy them). I knew when I saw this sentiment that it would work perfect with embossing on aluminium foil.

What I used:

Aluminum Foil
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder: Retro Kitchen, 1950's Kitchen
Martha Stewart Ribbon
Corner Punch (photo corner punch)
Card Stock ( don't know where from)
K Andrew Stamps: Food For Thought

Ok so I don't measure my cardstock when I am making a card so I have no idea what size this is. I took the foil and embossed it using the cuttlebug I then adhered it to my double sided cardstock.  I then took a piece of dark pink card stock and added a strip of the left over piece of base card stock, to blend the two together I added the ribbon. I then stamped the sentiment onto lighter pink card stock and added the corner pieces. I adhered this to the card. One thing with foil is that it rips very easily so you have to be very gentle when handling it, if it does rip like it did for me then you just add the layers to cover it up!! Foil is also very hard to take pictures of but it looks really cool in person. I hope this gives you some inspiration when using Kristal's stamps and if you don't own them then I suggest you head over to her store and stock up on them. She donates at least $1 for every set she sells to different charities, the set I used the money goes to Storefront Shelter for Homeless Children and the set I used yesterday (Coffee and Tea for you and Me) the money goes to Wayside House For Women. I love buying her stamps knowing that I am not only helping Kristal support herself and her two boys but I am also helping kids, abused women and other charities.

Have A Great Day

God Bless


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coffee Cup using K Andrew Stamps

Good afternoon!! I was checking out the scor-pal website and came across this coffee cup and I knew it would be perfect for the Coffee and Tea For You and Me stamp set by K Andrew (Kristal). You can buy the set HERE as well as the other sets, Food For Thought, Splashtastic Summer, Amazing You just to name  a few!! And if you havn't heard she is coming out with new sets at the beginning of November and word is they will be some image sets, can't wait!!!  

What I used:
Beige cardstock
K Andrew Designs Stamps: Coffee and Tea For You and Me
Tim Holtz Distress ink: Frayed Burlap
1" circle punch
Clear baggy
Chocolate Kisses

For instructions on how to make this please go HERE. I did make my own paper by stamping the different sentiments on the paper then scored and cut the paper. These would be so cute for a party favour or even a wedding favour!!

Have Great Day

God Bless


Monday, October 10, 2011


Hope I got your attention with the title of this post because I have two things to share with you this morning. First of all Kristal over at Getting Cricky With K Andrew is having a great giveaway today. I can't tell you what it is because it is a surprise giveaway but I do know it is a cartridge!! So head over there for the rules and enter. Second thing Kristal is also having a Design Team call Click Here for all the info!! I have already sent in my application and can't wait to hear if I have made it. Even if I don't you will still see me promoting her stamps. I love her stamps and if you head over to her store Here and buy just one (she has her  Fall-O -Oween set on sale right know when you use the code fallblessings 25% off) you will be back for more!! She is coming out with more stamps the first week of November but you can pre order at the end of the month I can't wait!!! O and she donates at least a $1 to different charities for each set she sells. Head over to the links above to see what I am raving about you won't be disappointed!!



Goodmorning and Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!!! I just thought I would show you my craft room today. It's not how I would have things if I were living on my own. But I make do.

The desk is a computer desk that was my grandma's, I got it when she passed away. The place where I keep all my paper (the left hand side) was from Value Village I paid I believe $10 for it, the clip it up on the right hand side (AKA rotating shoe rack) holds all my stamps, embellishments, ink and stickles, I paid less than $19 for it at Bed Bath and Beyond ( here is the link to the post of what it looked like before Click Here ) The shelves on the wall my mom had from the old house but wasn't using them so I store the boxes that i have made on one and all my ribbon on the other.

This is a spot under the desk where I keep all my cartridges, it rolls our for easy access.

This is where I keep all my cuttlebug folders and my Fiskar embossing plates bins from the Dollar Store

My Scraps Before

My Scraps After

Before I got the new desk in my craft room I had all my scraps in a box looking like a hot mess (first picture). My parents were at Ikea and asked if I wanted anything so I went online to see what they had. I found magazine racks that were 5 for $2.99, they are cardboard but do the trick. I already had file folders from the dollar store, so I colour coded each one and placed them in alphabetical order in the magazine racks and now my hot mess is organized.

Hope this gives you some ideas on cheap ways to orgazine your craft room, I know I have looked on You Tube for ideas so that is where I got some of the inspiration from. Hopefully when I get my own place I will beable to have a craft room of my dreams and one that reflects my personality!! If you have any cheap ways you store your craft items I would love to hear them!!!

God Bless


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Repurposed Bucket

I want to apologize for not posting any projects for the last two months.  I have been going through alot with court stuff and have been really stressed out and have had no inspiration or drive to craft.  Friday morning however all of that changed, my soon to be ex husband signed over custody of my daughter after almost 3 years, so know I can get a divorce and put the past behind me. Sigh of relief!!  Needless to say I am having a very good Thanksgiving Weekend!!

For todays project I want to show you something that I re purposed. Today I went to Michael's with my daughter and was just browsing. I saw that they had a bucket of 7 hole punches on sale from $16.99 down to $4.99 so I picked those up, I went to pay for them and they rang in at $1.91 with tax!!! I went and told my mom so she went in an bought a bucket.  I put them in the craft room and went outside to paint another re purposed item ( look for that post in the next couple days). I came inside between coats of paint and took the punches out of the bucket and then thought humm... what can I do with this:



Sorry for the bad lighting I just bought a new light for the craft room from Ikea but it takes European light bulbs so my dad is having to rewire it!!

What I used:

7 pieces of scrap paper cut 2x5 1/2"
Cupcake Ribbon (Dollar store)
K Andrew Designs Stamps: Splash-tastic Summer (click on the link to buy them)

Thanks for sticking with me even though I haven't posted in awhile, I have more projects to post using K Andrew's stamps that will posted in the next few days. For those of you who are Canadian have A great Thanksgiving!!!

God Bless