Saturday, August 13, 2011

IT"S HERE!!!!!!

Ok so all week I was super excited about my E2 arriving but when it finally did (Thursday), all I did was take it out of the box and look at the handbooks for the cartridges and put it all back in the box:( it came just as the kids were getting up from their nap and then when they left I had to take my daughter out and then Friday I was busy making things for my friends baby. Hopefully know that I have time I will actually get a chance to play with it!! First I have to look up some videos on how to use it!!

I do have a couple projects that I made using the Original Expression to post. These sadly will be the last things I make with my Expression for awhile. I will take it out now and again just so it doesn't collect dust!!

Here are the last projects:

Here is what I used:

Diaper shirt: Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge: letters cut at .8"
                                                                  100% cotton material
                                                                  Fusible Web

I followed the instructions on the fusible web and then for the cricut I cut at minimum speed and maximum pressure and blade depth at 6 and multi cut at 2. I also used a new mat and new blade.  I really found that this was a pain, it didn't work the greatest for me I had to hand cut some of the letters out as they only half cut and I just had a rough time. I wanted to make more then one shirt but got so frustrated with the one.

For the Wall Art I used Zooballoo Cartridge and everything was cut at 1.7", I used Tacky Glue Aleene's Clear Gel and a cue tip to spread it on the pieces. Frame from the dollar store!!
These projects were given to my friend who had her baby 3 weeks ago, I just got to go meet him for the first time today!! My daughter was loving the baby, but when I got in the car I was glad that I could just visit and then leave. I'm not ready for another baby full time!! One 3 year old is enough for me at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed,  I will be posting a new project using my E2 tomorrow I am planning on doing a project for Robyn's challenge over at My Pink Stamper, that is if I can figure out how to use it!!

Have A Great Day
God Bless


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  1. Oooo, I'm excited for you. My E is getting so old I know I'm going to have to replace it soon, so I've really been debating the E2 vs. the Imagine. Have fun. Can't wait to see what you make.