Monday, August 8, 2011

My Trip To Niagara Falls

These are a few (6 out of 517) of the pictures I took on our trip to Niagara Falls this past week. I will doing a scrapbook for this trip as well as adding some of the pictures to the explosion box that I posted a while back.

my daughter and I at the Falls
Dolphin doing a pose
Killer Whale AKA Splasher, my daughter and I got soaked
Dolphins with the trainer
Me with the lion at the Niagara Safari
Baby Monkey at the Niagara Safari
Have A Great Day
God Bless


  1. Great pics. 517?, sounds like you've got some major scrapping coming up in your near future.

  2. Your trip looked awesome! I'm the same way.....a gazillion pics taken every trip we take....heck, even if its just going outside to play! haha! Your daughter is a cutie!