Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A "New" card #3

Goodmorning!! So today is day 3 of my" new" cards. This one is completely new to me. I used Just A Note Cartridge for the whole thing

Front Of Card

Middle Of Card

Inside Of Card
What I Used:

Just A Note Cartridge (Preloaded onto the E2 )
Everything cut at 5.5"

Ok there is a story behind this card. I was really excited about doing a Tri-Fold Card , so I set everything up on the E2 had 5 pages with my different cuts on them (very cool feature of the E2) and cut everything out to realize that the squirrel was way to big for the card. What I didn't realize is that there is actually a "Card layer" feature for the cartridge and I had cut out the squirrel and all the layers using the normal feature thinking it would fit. Needless to say I had to cut out the layers all over again this time using the "card layer". you live and you learn, trial and error. I will be using the bigger squirrel cut in another project, probably a layout. These cards are so fun and there are so many of them to choose from on this cartridge. Now that I know how to make them properly (LOL) I will be making more in the near future!!

Have A Great Day
God Bless

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  1. Very cute! I love how it unfolds with the different layers.