Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Pink Peas Silence Hides Violence Raffle

Good Morning!!  I just came across Terri from Two Pink Peas blog post and it really hits home for me. She is having a raffle to help stomp out Domestic Violence. As some of you may know from previous posts that I was in a domesic violent marriage. I got out almost 3 years ago. Terri's friend is still in the situation and she is trying to raise money to help her as she does not have family around to support her in leaving. I can't relate to that as I had my family when I left so I can't imagine what she is going through. Please head over to Terri's blog and read her post and help her in helping her friend. 

Have A Great Day

God Bless

P.S I will be posting my scripture for today later on


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  1. Kristan.. I cannot thank you enough for posting this on your beautiful blog!! I am SO sorry to hear that you were too a victim of domestic violence. I emailed you, I am not sure if you got it but I just wanted to say how proud I am that you are so open to share your story. I am absolutely happy and thrilled that you had your family to help you get out. I too was in a domestic abuse situation and have never really gone public with my story but because you posted that you were in a domestic violence situation..well it gave me the strength to post about my experience. I have not done that yet but will do it this week. I thank you for posting about my raffle and for being so very brave and talking about it. Like my blog says.. "Silence Hides Violence" and that is SO true! I hope you got my email and if you don't see it maybe check your spam folder to see if it is there. Thanks again.. I hope you are doing well and I am very proud of you!! I am just thankful that you got out and are ok. God bless you my sweetie..
    Terri of Two Pink Peas