Friday, November 4, 2011

We Have A Winner!!

Good morning!! So I only had 4 responses to my giveaway:( out of those only 2 people guessed right as to what I was dressed up for halloween. I was A Gypsy!! My daughter drew the name and Amy E. is the winner from Scrap This, Save That. Congrats!! I have already emailed her. Below is a picture of what she has won and you will see why I didn't announce what the winner would get (it would have given away my costume)

I won't be posting anything else today as I have to take my daughter to have some tests done to find out what she is allergic to, I think I am more nervous then she is!! I am afraid I may pass out (don't do well with needles and they have to scrape her back) I hate seeing my baby in pain. Please pray for us. Thanks

Have A Great Day

God Bless



  1. Lol - Congratulations Amy. Have fun with your new stuff.

  2. Thank you!!! I just sent you a reply. Good luck at the Dr's office with your baby guys will both do fine!!!

  3. Since I can't do a random post - CoNgrAtULaTIonS!!!

  4. Congratulations Amy!
    Kristan - I'm so sorry I missed your giveaway. My Gypsy wears the same dress already - but I would have liked to have shown you support.
    I do hope the allergy tests went well and that YOU were brave!

  5. haha! You know, I thought you looked like a Gypsy, but didn't even 'pick up on' the Gypsy giveaway part! I can be duh-huh sometimes! :) I was thinking too, too hard....was trying to think of a cartoon, or movie character or something....ha! But I hope your daughter's test went well....I dread that day for Carley....she's been on Zyrtec since 6 months and they want to wait and test her when she's older....she'll be 2 in December, but I have a feeling it will be awhile before doing so.