Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Christmas Card

Good Afternoon! Yesterday was the children's production at church. Each class did a small part, they had a Christmas tree and each class had a different ornament to hang on it with a story behind them. My daughters class was Ginger Bread cookies. the story was that just like mom's and dad's make the cookies God made us. I wasn't sure if my daughter was actually going to go up on stage as she usually clings to me. For a couple weeks now they have been practising their song and my daughter had it memorized after the first time she heard it. My mom had to bribe her by telling her she would give her a surprise if she was brave and went up on stage. not only did she go on stage but she did a sole (wasn't suppose to but she started singing the song before the other kids were ready) we got the whole thing on video it was so cute, one little boy was waving his hands at her and telling her to stop and when she didn't he put both hands on his head and shook his head. 

Here is the song (sung to the tune of "I'm a little tea pot")

I'm a little person growing tall (raise hands up)
I'm very big but once I was small (crouch down)
God made me special with His own hands (cup hands as if molding clay)
and I know Jesus is my best friend (hug yourself)

I made a card and container for the teachers for a thank you present.

What I Used:

Just Because Cards Cartridge: card 4.1"
Twinkle Toes Lite Cartridge: speak bubbles 2" and 1.5"
Black ink
K Andrew Designs Art Stamps: Winter Wishes, "Merry Christmas", swirls

Winter Wishes Buy HERE

I believe that this is actually suppose to be an envelope but I figured I would use it as card. I measured the card to get the inside piece. I made a belly band for it to keep it shut.  Wednesday I will show you the containers I made for them.

Have A Great Day

God Bless



  1. Very nice! Great traditional colors! TFS!

  2. Very nice christmas card! It can make a perfect present by putting special christmas card messages on them. thanks for sharing!