Saturday, December 10, 2011

Corner Book Mark

Good Morning!! This weekend is going to be filled with Christmas baking and decorating the Christmas tree!! I don't know if I will have too much time for crafting:( I have several projects that I have yet to post on here so I won't run out of  crafts to share!! This Morning I wanted to share with you a step by step of how I made a corner book mark. When I saw the ones that are exclusive to the Cricut Craftroom I thought about buying the download but then figured I could make them without the cricut. below I will show you how to do it yourself!! I'm a single mom so anywhere I can save money I will!!

4 by 4 piece of paper

score from point to point as shown

cut out one section of triangle

fold one section up to the opposite corner

do the same with the other side so that you get a triangle.
tape the bottom piece down making sure you leave a little pocket

decorate as you wish

I used a K Andrew Design Art Stamp Set for the word READ. any ideas as to what set I used. bet you will never guess!! Ok ok I will show you

Winter Wishes buy HERE

Yup that's right Winter Wishes!! I took the "R" from "Bright" "E" from "Nice", "A" and "D" from "holidays". I used tape to mask out the letters I didn't want. I used another piece of green paper to stamp it on (just incase I messed up) and then once I was done stamping I cut it out used pop dots and added it to the book mark. I then added the 4 gems (dollar store) and then did the white stitching around the whole thing (white gel pen). I told you the other day that this stamp set could be used for more then just Christmas. Because alot of the words are the same size you can mask out any letter or letters you want and make your own words like I did!! I have a whole list of words you can make with just this one stamp set that hopefully in the next little while I will beable to put to use!! Just to give you some examples: Good Night ( "G" from "bright" "O" and "D" from" Holidays" to make "Good",  and for "Night" take the "BR" off the "bright" and add the "N" from "Nice")
You can take the "W" and the "ES" off "Wishes" and add the "F" from "Fun" and make the word "Fish" and then put "Fish Kisses" These are just a few, if you can see any more feel free to message me and maybe you will see me use them. You can also pick up this set and the others over at K Andrew Designs.

Have A Great Weekend!!

God Bless



  1. Kristan,
    This is soooo adorable!!! I love how you shared the directions for it. I may have to try it :)

    Getting Cricky DT sister

  2. Very nice and thanks for the instructions!!!

  3. That's so clever! I have taken parts of stamps to create my own sentiment too. I also love to save money! Thanks for the little tutorial as well. I've always wanted to make a corner bookmark, but haven't yet. (Looks like you are reading a good book too!!)

  4. I absolutely love this, Kristan!! I am a voracious reader and I am always losing bookmarks. I end up sticking a torn piece of paper in the book to mark the spot :P I am definitely going to make one of these - thanks so much for the instructions!

    And wow, what a haul from Michaels!! You got a ton of great stuff!! :)