Saturday, December 10, 2011

What A Haul!!

Good Afternoon!! O my goodness today was the first day I have left the house in a week!! My mom wanted to go to Michael's to get chocolate melts for her Christmas baking and I never pass up a chance to go there!! Boy O Boy am I ever glad I did. I always see the clearance bin and the last couple months there hasn't been anything good in them. I spotted what looked like scrapbooks and picked one up, it was a message board, I looked at the price and had to take a double look $2!! I picked up two of those. I was going to try and make one but couldn't for that price!! I also saw these grocery size bags full for $2. I took a peek in them and saw something that really caught my eye so I bought 2 of them. I got them home and opened them up and couldn't believe it 4 packages of STICKLES!!! WOW can't believe it, below are the pictures I took of the stuff in the 2 bags.

2 memory boards

2 bags full of loop

stickers, rubbons,recollection paper

frog, pig and fish magnets, lip gloss rings


12 packages of blue paper clips
5 packages of red paper clips

9 packages of rose paper clips
8 packages of heart paper clips

8 packages of pencils

7 packages of mirrored guitar stickers
13 packages of mirrored heart stickers
14 packages of mirrored cross stickers

5 IPhone cases,plastic pumpkin,harmonica,notebook
fondant knives and scented pencil

I would say I got my money's worth LOL!! Now to find a place of all this stuff, who knows maybe there will be a giveaway in the new year, see anything you like??

Have A Great Day

God Bless




  1. Wow all the stuff you got are great!! I love the stickles! lol

    Getting Cricky JrDT - sister

  2. OH WOW!!!! You lucky girl!!! I've never seen grab bags at our Michaels before. That would be amazing!! Next time you run across some that are that good, pick me up about 5 of them, and I'll send you $$$ and postage!!!

    And Stickles?!?!? You ARE lucky! The mirrored guitars are awesome too!!!!

  3. Wow lucky luck girl :) wish Michaels would open up here in Malta ha ha :) Enjoy xxx

  4. Super haul Kristin. Isn't it funny that God sometimes blesses us in the "little things"? Enjoy your blessing.

  5. Wow! What amazing deals! I've had some good buys at Michaels in the past, but never THAT good! Enjoy your new supplies!